Whats Photocatalyst

Photocatalyst is similar to the reaction of the photosynthesis of the plant because it has a
function of purifying the major harmful organic matter only with the energy of the sun light
(ultraviolet). When you applied photocatalyst to the wall of 500 square meters, the effect of air
purification is assumed to correspond to the 20 Ginko trees. Photocatalyst effect last as
long as there is light. WGC Photocatalyst solutions even react to visible light waves thus it is very useful for LED light and florescent light.

Photocatalyst is a situation of high energy state by absorbing light and also giving the energy to substances cause a chemical reaction. Semiconductor or a metal complex are used for a photocatalyst and titanium oxide is the most well used for it. When the light comes toward  titanium oxide,same as silicon which is used in solar battery, holes is produced that have both positive electron and negative electron

Function of Photocatalyst

When the titanium oxide with a photocatalytic function to absorb light, surface of it will

1 Electrons that has absorbed light energy to make holes excited.

2.Oxygen molecules and water molecules on the surface of titanium oxide are  reacted with the active oxygen generated by the electrons and holes.

3.Organic substances oxidized and decomposed.

Titanium dioxide

It is a titanium oxide that has attracted most attention as a representative of the photocatalyst.

Why the titanium oxide has been put to practical use even so many substaces with the characteristics of the photocatalyst.

Safe to use

Titanium dioxide is harmless for the human body and it has been used for coloring of food and cosmetic

Good Cost Performance

Ore is a readily available substance on the earth and its contains titanium oxide.

Photoactive effect

Titanium oxide has the energy to take on a very high activity when receiving the light energy. The power exert function of resolving power and super-hydrophilic effect.


Titanium oxide will never decompose its’self. Also it has a characteristic of durability in acidic or alkaline hence it is available to apply in various situations.

1. Self Cleaning Function

WGC Photocatalyst coating solutions has a “self-cleaning function” that the dirt adhering to the coating layer is decomposed when the light irradiates, and washed away by rain. It is well known fact that building maintenance cost a lot but WGC Photocatalyst solutions may deduct the number of maintenance and cleaning cost by natural sunlight and rain.

2.Air Purification

Also, the photocatalytic effects contribute to the global environment. It is not only prevents getting dirt from dusts , but also decomposes harmful Nox (nitrogen oxide) in the atmosphere.