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Products line up and explanation

WGC has variety of Photocatalyst solutions introducing new technology for each TPO.
Our solutions have nano particles of titanium dioxide thus it will respond up to around 700nm light wave.
That means WGC solutions is very effective inside of the room, LED and florescent light.

Solutions for exterior

[Ideal applicable substrate; Painted wall, RC, Brick, Stone, Granite, Marble]

Exterior solutions as TPX is mixed solution of PTA and TOsol.
A film coated by TPX achieves photocatalytic effect and hardness strength of the film after drying at room temperature.
The film hardness becomes 2H to 5H. TPX is a neutral solution that can be allied to various materials including metal and resin.
Photocatalytic effect and hardness of the film can be increased when it is heated within the permissible high temperature of the substrate. A coated film does not decrease the hardness due to the time change.

Solutions for interior

[Ideal applicable substrate; Wall paper, painted wall, 3D panel etc]

WGC indoor solutions as TPX-HL can respond to visible light wave. It is improved the performance of reacting to the visible light wave more than TPX. TPX-HL utilizes effectively UV light of fluorescent lamp to reduce bad odor.

It can reduce floating bacteria at a waiting room in hospital where many people gather. This visible light type TiO2 solution can be used as one of the measures for reducing VOC problems in various situations.

Solutions for Solarpanel

[Ideal applicable substrate; Aluminum Panel, Painted wall, RC, Brick, Stone, Granite, Marble]

TPX-HP is for aluminum panel ,laminated board etc. it has both hydrophilic activity and decomposition power.
Dirt, Oil, chemical substances on HP coated surface will be decomposed first and wash away with natural rain.


Solutions for Concrete and Plaster

[Ideal applicable substrate; RC, Brick, Stone, Granite, Marble]

It prevents water from penetrating into concrete, and using TPX85 as a top coating over it, decomposes dirt, exhaust gas and oil stains on the concrete surface thus you can keep concrete building in good condition without less maintenance for a long time.

Solutions for Glass and Alminium

[Ideal applicable substrate; Clear Glass, Clear panel, Clear acrylic etc ]

HP Clear is developed for the application for substrates which is clear such as window glass. It is almost total clear solutions thus it can maintain the clearness of the window glass after it is coated. A very hard transparent film can be made after it is coated. The coated film performs a very good hydrophilicity on the glass surface. HP Clear is suitable for applying to the building materials that need to maintain good appearance.

A very high performance of hydrophilicity can be made after it is coated at room temperature.

The transparent coated film has a special substance which contains hydrophilic performance.

Solutions for Hospitals, School, Elderly and Child care centre

[Ideal applicable substrate; Wall paper, Painted wall, 3D panel etc]

VB contains silver so that it has antibacterial effect even in dark places. Therefore it is especially recommendable use in hospitals, medical institutions, elderly care facilities, kindergartens.

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